Nora Roberts' Carnal Innocence

  • 15
  • Peter Markle (2011)
  • US
  • 93 min
Nora Roberts' Carnal Innocence
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2 out of 5

A town called Innocence proves to be a deadly hotbed of secrets, lies and old family feuds in this pedestrian Deep South potboiler based on the Nora Roberts bestseller. Combining unconvincing romance with a clumsy whodunnit, it sees burnt-out concert violinist Gabrielle Anwar become dangerously entangled in a serial-killer case when she falls for privileged local lothario - and prime suspect - Colin Egglesfield, after moving into her late grandmother's house. Clich├ęs abound as a rushed and far too convenient love affair takes centre stage, minimising the impact of the rising body count and obligatory (though transparent) red herrings. There's a sprinkling of tension when the murderer's finally unmasked, but poor pacing and ridiculously melodramatic performances ultimately ensure an unsatisfactory climax.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Gabrielle Anwar. Musician Caroline Waverly returns to her home town and is soon befriended by wealthy neighbour Tucker Longstreet. But the quiet life that Caroline sought is shattered when a serial killer begins to stalk the town and Tucker is on the suspect list.

Cast and crew


Caroline Waverly
Gabrielle Anwar
Tucker Longstreet
Colin Egglesfield
Sheriff Burke
Pancho Demmings
Agent Matthew Burns
Andrew W Walker
Josie Longstreet
Jud Tylor
Jennifer Taylor
Bobby Lee
Drew James
Toby March
Antonio D Charity
Edda Lou Hatinger
Kym Jackson
Austin Hatinger
Ed Lauter
Della Duncan
Shirley Jones


Peter Markle

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Edited for violence and language.
Available on DVD
Certificate 15