Dangerous Attraction

  • Michael Lohmann (2012)
  • US
  • 95 min
Dangerous Attraction
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2 out of 5

The physical and psychological impact of stalking is explored in this thought-provoking TV movie. Based on real events, it's enhanced by Amanda Righetti's convincing turn as an outgoing coffee shop worker whose entire life is adversely affected when pasty-faced barista Will Estes becomes obsessed with her. Righetti (who plays Grace Van Pelt in TV hit The Mentalist) completely nails her character's fear and vulnerability, adding emotional meat to the simple and action-light narrative. Seeing her unravel, with apparently no one able to help, creates a rising sense of viewer indignation that shoots off the scale when the perpetrator's shockingly smug dad (Harry Hamlin) tries to officially cover up his son's increasingly disturbing behaviour. Consequently, the quick and rather sedate climax may disappoint some people, though it is in keeping with the film's predominantly sober approach.

Plot Summary

Thriller based on a true story, starring Amanda Righetti. Casey Cooper feels uneasy about one of her fellow workers and is glad when he quits, but she hasn't seen the last of him.

Cast and crew


Casey Cooper
Amanda Righetti
Harry Hamlin
Morgan Pierce
Will Estes
Detective Dominic Leary
Eric Szmanda
Catherine Hicks


Michael Lohmann

Other Information

Edited for violence.