The Boy She Met Online

  • Curtis Crawford (2010)
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  • 90 min
The Boy She Met Online
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2 out of 5

In this unconvincing tale about the dangers of social networking, overly gushing 17-year-old Tracy Spiridakos falls hard for a college undergraduate (Jon Cor) she meets online. But the sweet-talking hunk is not who he claims to be and it's not long before he embroils the A-grade student in his downward spiralling life. A sinister soundtrack and Cor's excessive snarling constantly emphasise that things will end badly, initially suggesting a "psycho boyfriend" plotline rather than the melodrama that ultimately unfolds. What little action there is proves poorly staged and emotionally limited, making even the climax lack tension and oomph. Clich├ęd characters and performances intensify the feature's limpness, with one-time Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul particularly underwhelming as Spiridakos's over-protective mum.

Plot Summary

Crime thriller starring Alexandra Paul and Tracy Spiridakos. Teenager Cami Winters becomes besotted with a boy called Jake whom she meets on a social networking site. But Jake's life is not as straightforward as he makes out, and the truth will put Cami in grave danger.

Cast and crew


Tori Winters
Alexandra Paul
Cami Winters
Tracy Spiridakos
Jake Myers
Jon Cor
Kendra Oliver
Thea Gill
Dewayne Jackson
Eddie Guillaume
Edgar Holly
Tim Finnigan
Celeste Meyers
Cinthia Burke
Lindsay Watkins
Annick Sheedy-McLellan


Curtis Crawford

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Edited for violence and language.