For a Good Time, Call..

  • 18
  • Jamie Travis (2012)
  • US
  • 85 min
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3 out of 5

In this New York-set tale from Canadian director Jamie Travis, feuding 20-somethings Lauren Anne Miller and Ari Graynor join forces to avert homelessness by setting up their own phone-sex business, with enough pink telephones, sex toys and leopard print clothes to put Katie Price to shame. Redemption comes in the form of Mimi Rogers as Miller's lookalike mother, but it's Justin Long who steals the show with great comic timing and the snappiest lines. As a portrait of female bonding, the film is strangely clunky, especially because the dialogue doesn't feel like it's written by women - and yet it is. Co-written by Miller, this slight and slightly naff comedy with a faux lesbian-friendly twist is funny in parts. But mostly it's as up-and-down as the Manhattan skyline and like that concrete jungle, it's amusing as long as you don't mind the steaming potholes and brash attitude.

Plot Summary

Two women who took an instant dislike to each other in college are forced to share an apartment together when they are unable to afford to live alone in New York. The duo bond over a plan to resolve their financial crises by setting up their own phone-sex business. Comedy, starring Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Justin Long and Mimi Rogers.

Cast and crew


Katie Steel
Ari Graynor
Lauren Powell
Lauren Anne Miller
Mark Webber
Justin Long
James Wolk
Rachel Rodman
Nia Vardalos
Seth Rogen
Adele Powell
Mimi Rogers


Jamie Travis

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Released 2 Nov 2012