Elfie Hopkins

  • 15
  • Ryan Andrews (2011)
  • UK
  • 88 min
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2 out of 5

Jaime Winstone's slacker turns amateur detective in this quirky yet underwhelming British chiller that messily juxtaposes old-school gothic horror with tongue-in-cheek splatter. Winstone is grunged up and annoyingly affected in the title role, as she and her fellow stoner pal (sweetly comic Aneurin Barnard, so good as David Bailey in BBC4's We'll Take Manhattan) investigate a family of posh weirdos that's moved into their sleepy rural village. Initially, the film is sluggish and largely uneventful, focusing on Winstone's daftly scripted verbal suspicions and the exaggerated nature of both her sinister new neighbours and the caricatured locals (including Ray Winstone's awful yokel butcher). It's only when her extreme allegations are abruptly - and predictably - proven true that the flimsy and contrived storyline gathers pace, accompanied by a switch from creepy atmospherics to Grand Guignol-style gore. But, despite the addition of dark fun and much-needed action, the over-the-top carnage unfortunately intensifies the feature's lack of depth and balance.

Plot Summary

A teenager in a quiet Welsh village dreams of being a detective, so takes it upon herself to solve a series of disappearances. She becomes suspicious of a family that have recently moved to the area, and discovers they are killing and eating the missing people. She faces an impossible task getting others to believe the grisly truth. Horror, starring Jaime Winstone and Aneurin Barnard.

Cast and crew


Elfie Hopkins
Jaime Winstone
Dylan Parker
Aneurin Barnard
Mr Gammon
Rupert Evans (2)
Steven Mackintosh
Butcher Bryn
Ray Winstone
Mrs Gammon
Kate Magowan
Kimberley Nixon
Ruby Gammon
Gwyneth Keyworth
Elliot Gammon
Will Payne
Harry Hopkins
Julian Lewis Jones


Ryan Andrews

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Violence, swearing, drug abuse.
Released 20 Apr 2012