Torn Apart

  • Stuart Alexander (2004)
  • US
  • 87 min
Torn Apart
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2 out of 5

It's hard to take Tia Carrere seriously in writer/director Stuart Alexander's weakly scripted and badly made TV-movie thriller. Wildly miscast, she's unconvincing on every level, playing a surgeon facing a terrible life-or-death choice when a former patient's deranged relative kidnaps her family. But though the clock's ticking down, the film is tension-free and underwhelming: stuffed with boring shots of Carrere in her car, trying to look anxious, or literally running around the hospital achieving almost nothing. Only a generically dramatic score creates a sense of momentum, becoming increasingly intense in direct contrast to the lacklustre events. The absence of punch continues to the convenient climax, where the feature's lack of realism reaches its peak.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Tia Carrere as Dr Vicki Westin, who is forced into a desperate situation when the father of a deceased patient kidnaps her husband and daughter.

Cast and crew


Dr Vicki Westin
Tia Carrere
Jerry Bender
Dale Midkiff
Billy Westin
Richard Burgi
Officer Bingham
Michael Arata
Scott Horner
Zachary Canon


Stuart Alexander

Other Information

Edited for violence.