Small Apartments

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  • Jonas Akerlund (2012)
  • US
  • 92 min
Small Apartments
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3 out of 5

Doggedly determined to be as quirky and cartoonish as possible, director Jonas Akerlund and screenwriter Chris Millis have created something of a cult curio in adapting the latter's prize-winning novella. Matt Lucas ably holds things together as the Y-front-wearing loner who wonders how to dispose of the body of loathsome landlord Peter Stormare. Billy Crystal also has his moments as the alcoholic fire investigator brought in when a charred corpse is discovered. But such is the focus on Lucas's desire to escape to Switzerland with cash provided by his mentally unstable brother (James Marsden) that the frantic storyline struggles to make room for such oddball neighbours as Johnny Knoxville's drug-addled 30-something slacker, James Caan's grumpy artist and Juno Temple's wannabe Vegas dancer. Despite the film's distinctive look and the best efforts of the willing cast, this amusing, morbid and mildly misanthropic melange always seems to be straining for effect.

Plot Summary

A lonely misfit who dreams of escaping to Switzerland accidentally kills his landlord. He tries to cover up the crime, but disposing of the body is made difficult by his eccentric neighbours, his obnoxious brother, and a fire safety inspector who suspects foul play. Comedy, starring Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal and James Marsden.

Cast and crew


Franklin Franklin
Matt Lucas
Mr Allspice
James Caan
Burt Walnut
Billy Crystal
Juno Temple
Tommy Balls
Johnny Knoxville
Bernard Franklin
James Marsden
Mr Olivetti
Peter Stormare
Dr Sage Mennox
Dolph Lundgren
D J Qualls
Saffron Burrows
Rebel Wilson


Jonas Akerlund

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Theatrical distributor: 
Morocco Junction Pictures
Released 22 Mar 2013