Federal Hill

Federal Hill

Michael Corrente (1994)

15 Certificate


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This crime drama is BOYZ N the Hood Italian-style, as a gang of Rhode Island punks struggle to make sense of their lives as they hurtle down a drug-fuelled, self-destructive path. Nicholas Turturro (John's younger brother) stars as a jewel thief who specialises in random violence with his gang. Independent film-maker Michael Corrente's cutting edge black-and-white effort infuses the Mean Streets genre with a new, raw, raucous and insightful energy helped enormously by a powerhouse performance from Turturro as a screwed-up psycho thief.


A short-tempered thief tries to help a dim-witted cousin pay off the money he owes to a counterfeiter, only to get on the wrong side of a local gangster. Meanwhile, his brother falls in love with a girl from a wealthier background. Crime drama, starring Nicholas Turturro, Jason Andrews and Anthony DeSando.

Cast & Crew

Ralph Nicholas Turturro
Nicky Anthony DeSando
Wendy Libby Langdon
Frank Michael Raynor
Bobby Jason Andrews
Joey Robert Turano
Sal Frank Vincent
Gail Phyllis Kay
Max Haven Biagio Conti
Mr Russo Vinny Gugliotti
Director Michael Corrente
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and drug abuse.