Farewell Mr Kringle

  • Kevin Connor (2010)
  • US
  • 96 min
Farewell Mr Kringle
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2 out of 5

A Christmas-hating blogger re-learns the magic of the season in this predictable and clich├ęd TV movie. Christine Taylor heads the uniformly bland cast as the widowed big-city cynic who's speedily swayed by a small Californian town's charms when she's sent to profile a Santa impersonator (a miscast William Morgan Sheppard) who's celebrating 50 years in the job. The massive life lesson that follows features plenty of homespun talk about kindness, emotional honesty and opening your heart, but it just doesn't generate the sort of feel-good atmosphere you'd expect. Instead, one-dimensional characters and weak plotting make every scene seem unsatisfyingly hollow and flat, so that even supposedly poignant events have very little impact.

Plot Summary

Seasonal romantic drama starring Christine Taylor as widowed journalist Anna Wall, who learns to enjoy life again after writing about a Santa impersonator and the Christmas-themed town where he lives.

Cast and crew


Annabelle "Anna" Wall
Christine Taylor
Mark Stafford
Christopher Wiehl
Kris Kringle
Morgan Sheppard
Mayor Phil
Shashawnee Hall
Tate Berney
Zoe Marsden
Vivica A Fox


Kevin Connor

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