The Town Christmas Forgot

  • John Bradshaw (2010)
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  • 95 min
The Town Christmas Forgot
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2 out of 5

A dysfunctional yuppie family restores hope to a backwater Colorado town in this far-fetched diversion celebrating unity and the magic of Christmas. Stranded in the appropriately named Nowhere following car trouble, Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts and their two kids inadvertently each become saviours - laughably able to solve all the stereotyped residents' woes with their big-city ways. Events are goofy and idealistic - from a cartoonish Holly cheesily choreographing the local yuletide pageant to her obnoxious teen daughter (Torri Webster) teaching a high-school band how to rock - as they rush towards their predictably convenient conclusion. Naturally, the materialistic clan also ends up transformed, with the ultimate kindness of young son Azer Greco (Holly's real-life offspring) bringing genuine sweetness to the otherwise emotionally flat final act.

Plot Summary

Seasonal drama starring Lauren Holly. The lives of the Benson family are ruled by mobile phones and digital technology. But when they become stranded in a backwater town on their way to a Christmas skiing trip, they discover that the simple life is sometimes better.

Cast and crew


Annie Benson
Lauren Holly
Charles Benson
Rick Roberts
Trish Benson
Torri Webster
Nolan Benson
Azer Greco
Samantha Bee
Stephanie Belding
Jeremiah Bee
Joe Pingue
Coleman Burkins
Phil Jarrett
Dennis O'Connor
Julian Kennedy
Catriona Ferguson


John Bradshaw

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