Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Adrian Shergold (2001)



John Thaw plays a widower and ruthlessly successful businessman enjoying the fruits of his labours when a knock at the door turns his world upside down, and he finds himself custodian of an eight-year-old grand-daughter he never knew he had. Shame-faced and irascible by turns, he is no match for the youngster and, frustrated by the authorities, sets out to find her father - only to make a discovery about himself. Feature-length drama, also starring Dominique Jackson and Wil Johnson.

Cast & Crew

Harry Jenkins John Thaw
Saffron Dominique Jackson
Luke Wil Johnson
Estelle Rachel Davies
Martha Ellen Thomas
Jill Hellings Jennifer Hennessy
Lee Daniel Ainsleigh
Ronald Eamon Boland
Thomas Norman Gregory
Director Adrian Shergold
Writer Peter Bowker
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