The Perfect Assistant

  • Douglas Jackson (2008)
  • US
  • 91 min
The Perfect Assistant
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2 out of 5

You only need catch the set-up to know exactly where this sluggish TV-movie thriller is going. In fact, it's so by-the-numbers, even the irony-laden dialogue is amusingly easy to predict, as gooey-eyed personal assistant Josie Davis becomes psychotically obsessed with marrying her already hitched boss (Chris Potter). Naturally, this means removing everything and everyone that gets in her way, allowing her to take her twisted devotion to increasingly nasty - but entirely unrealistic - levels. But even though events are completely transparent and convenient, director Douglas Jackson insists on continual visual and sonic signposting, with the inevitable sinister score also standing in for genuine atmosphere and tension. Ultimately, the most entertaining aspect is Davis's agitated performance, which is just crazy enough to keep you watching until the ridiculous climax.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Josie Davis. Office assistant Rachel Parsons serves her married boss with dedication and efficiency, and is secretly in love with him. But her desire to become his wife and have his children becomes a dark obsession.

Cast and crew


Rachel Parsons
Josie Davis
David Wescott
Chris Potter
Judith Manion
Rachel Hunter
Jason Harper
Deborah Pollitt


Douglas Jackson

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Edited for language.