Cop Out

Cop Out

Kevin Smith (2010)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Bruce Willis and stand-up comedian Tracy Morgan buddy up as New York police detectives for this 1980s-inspired cop movie. The sketchy plot sees Willis's veteran Jimmy Monroe caught up in the pursuit of a valuable baseball card that could pay for his daughter's wedding. This is supposed to make us care, but only emphasises the silly macho mindset that has Monroe pitted against his ex-wife's new husband (My Name Is Earl's Jason Lee). It's a surprising change of pace for director Kevin Smith; more frantic than the bawdy, dialogue-led comedies he's known for and lacking in the trademark irony. Without that, there's little point to the car chases and gunfights because Willis isn't as spry as he was in his action-movie prime. Mostly, he just looks weary as Morgan's constant yelling (to distract from the unfunny dialogue) and cack-handed policing (that is, conspicuously waddling about in fancy dress) obstructs his investigation into the activities of the bad guys. Like Willis, the formula just comes across as old and tired.


Despite working together for nine years, police partners Jimmy and Paul frequently struggle to get along. When Paul's erratic behaviour leads to the pair being suspended without pay, Jimmy is forced to sell a rare baseball card to raise funds for his daughter's wedding. However, when the collector selling the item is robbed, the duo team up to recover the memorabilia. Action comedy, starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Cory Fernandez and Ana de la Reguera.

Cast & Crew

Jimmy Monroe Bruce Willis
Paul Hodges Tracy Morgan
Raul Juan Carlos Hernandez
Juan Cory Fernandez
Gabriela Ana de la Reguera
Captain Romans Sean Cullen
Hunsaker Kevin Pollak
Barry Mangold Adam Brody
Director Kevin Smith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 21 May 2010
Drama Comedy