My Dog Skip

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  • Jay Russell (1999)
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  • 95 min
My Dog Skip
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3 out of 5

Though corny at times, this is less sentimental than most boy-and-dog movies. Against the backdrops of the Second World War and Deep South segregation, Jay Russell's heart-warming family film traces the bonding between an eight-year-old Mississippi youngster and a Jack Russell terrier. The inseparable pair jointly confront school bullying, racial prejudice and a graveyard encounter with moonshiners that could have come straight from the pages of Huckleberry Finn. With Frankie Muniz appealing as the boy, Kevin Bacon and Diane Lane providing stalwart support as his parents, and Enzo, the son of Frasier dog star Eddie, earning plaudits in the title role, this is old-fashioned entertainment for adults and older children, though the under-tens may find it a touch slow and talky.

Plot Summary

Biographical drama adapted from the novel by Willie Morris, starring Frankie Muniz , Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon. A shy boy growing up in rural Mississippi has trouble communicating with people. But through a dog named Skip he gains confidence and begins to win friends.

Cast and crew


Willie Morris
Frankie Muniz
Ellen Morris
Diane Lane
Dink Jenkins
Luke Wilson
Jack Morris
Kevin Bacon
Army buddy
Mark Beech
Mrs Jenkins
Susan Carol Davis
Mr Jenkins
David Pickens
Big Boy Wilkinson
Bradley Coryell
Harry Connick Jr


Jay Russell

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Theatrical distributor: 
Warner Bros
Available on video and DVD
Released 11 Aug 2000
Certificate U