The Man from Colorado

The Man from Colorado

Henry Levin (1948)

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Before he adopted a crew cut for The Blackboard Jungle and went Method, Glenn Ford was a useful, though seldom more than mildly interesting, leading man. Except here, where, unusually, he portrays a sadistic military tyrant appointed as judge to govern Colorado. Ford's unstable character is confronted by a likeable hero in the shape of the pre-Sunset Blvd William Holden. The story by Borden Chase - he was author and co-screenwriter of Howard Hawks's Red River - can be read as an allegory of the brutalising effect the Second World War had on its returning veterans, and the insinuations are clearly there if you look for them.


An American Civil War veteran, twisted by his experiences during the conflict, becomes the judge of a small town. He embarks on a reign of terror, ruthlessly misusing his power, and it falls to an old friend from his army days to bring him down. Western, starring Glenn Ford, William Holden, Ellen Drew and Ray Collins.

Cast & Crew

Colonel Owen Devereaux Glenn Ford
Captain Del Stewart William Holden (2)
Caroline Emmett Ellen Drew
Big Ed Carter Ray Collins
Doc Merriam Edgar Buchanan
Johnny Howard Jerome Courtland
Sergeant Jericho Howard James Millican
Nagel Jim Bannon
York William "Bill" Phillips
Easy Jarrett Denver Pyle
Director Henry Levin
Director Charles Vidor
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: DVD