Rex Piano (2004)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An earthquake on a small Florida island unleashes dreadful acting and the most abysmally un-special effects in this made-for-TV fiasco. Consequently, it's impossible to take anything seriously, as seismologist Doug Savant (Desperate Housewives) and his prickly sheriff father-in-law John Novak butt heads over how to handle the flimsy events when Savant's estranged wife (Brandy Ledford) and three colleagues end up trapped in the basement of a construction site. If the pathetically scripted arguments on the outside weren't bad enough, the bickering and fighting underground is doubly dull and stupid; a weakness compounded by it being so dark you can barely see the unlikeable quartet anyway. Even the manic score fails to add tension, while the use of shaky-cam to depict tremors, and the plainly fake falling masonry only elicit laughs, particularly in the unexciting climax.


A professor discovers unusual seismic readings that spell doom for a nearby island. He realises his estranged wife is staying at a resort there and races to the rescue, but it seems he is too late when an earthquake leaves her trapped in a network of underground tunnels. Disaster movie, starring Doug Savant, Brandy Ledford and John Novak.

Cast & Crew

Prof Anthony McAllister Doug Savant
Lynn Larson McAllister Brandy Ledford
Director Rex Piano

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour