Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun

Andre De Toth (1954)

U Certificate


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Throughout the 1950s, western fans were well-served by colour programme fillers, invariably featuring either baby-faced Audie Murphy or craggy Randolph Scott. Eventually Scott managed to fashion his co-features into a remarkable series of westerns, the Ranown cycle. Prior to that, however, Randy rode a tall saddle, invariably directed by Warners hack-of-all-trades, the one-eyed Andre De Toth, of whose work this is a prime example. The plot is the usual one of Scott attempting to clear his name, and down the cast list as a baddie is one Charles Buchinsky, who changed his name to Bronson a year later. Nothing spectacular, then, but still reasonably undemanding entertainment. The cameraman, by the way, was used to riding shotgun himself, he's Stagecoach's distinguished Bert Glennon.


A stagecoach is ambushed by outlaws, who leave the guard for dead. He recovers and heads to the nearest town to warn the people about the bandits, but they are already aware of the attack and accuse him of being in on the crime. He realises the only way to clear his name is to bring the crooks to justice. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris and Joan Weldon.

Cast & Crew

Larry Delong Randolph Scott
Tub Murphy Wayne Morris
Orissa Flynn Joan Weldon
Tom Biggert Joe Sawyer
Dan Maraday James Millican
Pinto Charles Bronson
Director Andre De Toth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd