Jack Arnold (1955)

X Certificate


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Although inspired by Them!, director Jack Arnold's big bug shocker is a classic in its own right due to excellent special effects and the potent use of haunting desert locations. Scientist Leo G Carroll is working in an isolated laboratory trying to solve world famine and injects a spider with special nutrients that cause it to grow to enormous size. The giant arachnid eventually escapes, first to decimate cattle and then to eat people as it crawls towards a fiery climax. The stillness of the desert allows Arnold to impeccably mount the tension in between the compelling spectacle of a spider on the rampage. Clint Eastwood has a bit part as a jet pilot in this model creature feature.


A scientist's enlarging serum creates a huge spider which runs amok, spreading terror through small-town America. Sci-fi thriller, starring Leo G Carroll and John Agar, with Clint Eastwood in an early role.

Cast & Crew

Dr Matt Hastings John Agar
Stephanie Clayton Mara Corday
Prof Gerald Deemer Leo G Carroll
Sheriff Jack Andrews Nestor Paiva
Joe Burch Ross Elliott
Lt John Nolan Edwin Rand
Townsend Raymond Bailey
Josh Hank Patterson
First pilot Clint Eastwood
Director Jack Arnold
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: J.A.R.F.D. LtdAvailable on: DVD