The Preacher's Wife

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  • Penny Marshall (1996)
  • US
  • 118 min
The Preacher's Wife
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2 out of 5

This 1990s version of The Bishop's Wife has Denzel Washington as the angel sent to Earth to restore the wavering faith of pastor Courtney B Vance, as well as save his marriage to gospel-singing Whitney Houston. Unsurprisingly, with diva Houston in the cast, there's lots of singing and close-ups of the singer, leaving Oscar winner Washington and Vance on the sidelines to act as scenery for her musical moments. It tries to be one of those films you watch every holiday season, but falls well short of, say, It's a Wonderful Life.

Plot Summary

Romantic fantasy starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. Preacher Henry Biggs is in need of a little spiritual guidance - his wife feels neglected, she doesn't approve of his plans to demolish the old church and his son's about to lose his best friend. Help arrives in the form of charming stranger Dudley, but are his intentions honourable?

Cast and crew


Denzel Washington
Julia Biggs
Whitney Houston
Henry Biggs
Courtney B Vance
Joe Hamilton
Gregory Hines
Marguerite Coleman
Jenifer Lewis
Loretta Devine
Jeremiah Biggs
Justin Pierre Edmund
Lionel Richie


Penny Marshall

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