The Overlanders

The Overlanders

Harry Watt (1946)

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A very impressive re-creation of a spectacular event that took place in Australia during the Second World War - the moving to safety of 500,000 head of cattle (reduced in the movie to a mere thousand), made necessary by the prospect of a Japanese invasion of the Northern Territory. This was one of Ealing's first Australian-made movies, and mightily effective it is under the direction of documentary film-maker Harry Watt, better known for the later Where No Vultures Fly. Trouble is, Watt also wrote the screenplay, and the clichés come thick and fast. Nevertheless, the action is very exciting, Australian lead Chips Rafferty is convincing, and the finale, as he sees other cattle following in his wake, manages to be very moving.


Fact-based drama about an Australian rancher's attempts to save his herd during the Second World War by embarking on a gruelling cross-country cattle drive. Starring Chips Rafferty, Daphne Campbell and John Nugent Hayward.

Cast & Crew

Dan McAlpine Chips Rafferty
Bill Parsons John Nugent Hayward
Mary Parsons Daphne Campbell
Mrs Parsons Jean Blue
Helen Parsons Helen Grieve
Corky John Fernside
Sailor Sinbad Peter Pagan
Charlie Frank Ransome
Manager Stan Tolhurst
Minister Marshall Crosby
Police sergeant John Fegan
Director Harry Watt
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eagle Lion Distribution LtdAvailable on: DVD