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  • Gregory Hoblit (2007)
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Gregory Hoblit's stylish crime thriller opens with Anthony Hopkins's aeronautical engineer shooting his unfaithful wife (Embeth Davidtz). The cat-and-mouse games begin when Hopkins decides to plead not guilty and defend himself in court, pitting his wits against Ryan Gosling's assistant DA, who has a 97 per cent successful prosecution record. This is Gosling's last case before he takes a job in the lucrative private sector and it looks like a formality (there's even a confession), but the twist here is that the arresting officer (Billy Burke) was Davidtz's lover. Hoblit (Primal Fear) is an old hand at this sort of thing, and Hopkins and Gosling spark nicely off each other (just try to ignore Hopkins's inconsistent accent). Also representing Britain in the Anglo-American cast is Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day), who plays a cool-as-ice lawyer grooming Gosling for his new career in company law, and Fiona Shaw as a sharp-tongued, dry-witted judge. There's nothing particularly new here and some of the plot contortions border on the preposterous, but fans of twisting courtroom thrillers will find it an entertaining diversion.

Plot Summary

Crime thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Brilliant engineer Ted Crawford shoots his wife when he discovers her infidelity. At first he confesses to the crime but later pleads not guilty and pits himself in court against hotshot lawyer Willy Beachum.

Cast and crew


Ted Crawford
Anthony Hopkins
Willy Beachum
Ryan Gosling
Joe Lobruto
David Strathairn
Nikki Gardner
Rosamund Pike
Jennifer Crawford
Embeth Davidtz
Detective Rob Nunally
Billy Burke
Detective Flores
Cliff Curtis
Judge Gardner
Bob Gunton
Judge Moran
Xander Berkeley
Judge Robinson
Fiona Shaw


Gregory Hoblit

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Released 20 Apr 2007
Certificate 15