Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

  • U
  • John Murlowski (1998)
  • US
  • 84 min
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish
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2 out of 5

Denied the talents of Macaulay Culkin, this festive sequel went straight to video. Yet David Gallagher copes admirably as the world's richest kid, transported to a parallel universe after his wish that he'd never been born is granted by an eccentric professor's latest invention. Shades of It's a Wonderful Life and Back to the Future colour the action. But generally the film's in a lower league - despite the best efforts of Martin Mull and Leslie Ann Warren, as the parents who blame Richie for ruining Christmas, and of Eugene Levy as the bumbling boffin whom Richie relies on to reverse the Wishing Machine.

Plot Summary

Seasonal fantasy, based on the comic-book hero, starring David Gallagher. When Richie Rich's sleigh is sabotaged on Christmas Eve, all the toys for the orphanage are destroyed. A desolate Richie wishes that he had never been born, unaware that he is hiding close to Professor Keenbean's newly invented wishing machine.

Cast and crew


Richie Rich
David Gallagher
Mr Rich
Martin Mull
Keene Curtis
Mrs Rich
Lesley Ann Warren
Professor Keenbean
Eugene Levy
Reggie Van Dough
Jake Richardson


John Murlowski

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