The Boys

The Boys

Sidney J Furie (1961)

A Certificate


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Not, unfortunately, Australian Rowan Woods's savage 1998 study of male violence, but a badly dated courtroom drama from Sidney J Furie, which was, somewhat incongruously, sandwiched between the Cliff Richard vehicle The Young Ones and that moody study of juvenile delinquency, The Leather Boys. Although proving that some things never change - Jess Conrad, Dudley Sutton and their pals are suspected of murder simply because they're young and rebellious - this is patronising in its "kids are all right" sentiments and predictable in its plotting, as canny defence lawyer Robert Morley champions the lads' cause. The movie is probably more interesting now as a document of a London on the cusp of the tumultuous era of the Swinging Sixties.


Four teenagers are tried on charges of theft and the murder of a night watchman. Although initial evidence seems damning for the youthful gang, their canny defence lawyer's skilful arguments throw the jury into confusion and disarray. Courtroom drama, starring Richard Todd and Robert Morley as the legal eagles who go head to head. Felix Aylmer, Dudley Sutton, Ronald Lacey and Tony Garnett also star.

Cast & Crew

Victor Webster Richard Todd
Lewis Montgomery Robert Morley
Judge Felix Aylmer
Stan Coulter Dudley Sutton
Billy Herne Ronald Lacey
Ginger Thompson Tony Garnett
Barney Lee Jess Conrad
Robert Brewer Wilfrid Brambell
Randolph St John Allan Cuthbertson
Mr Coulter Wensley Pithey
Gordon Lonsdale Colin Gordon
George Tanner Kenneth J Warren
Mrs Herne Betty Marsden
Evelyn May Carol White
Mr Lee Patrick Magee
Mr Herne David Lodge
Mrs Lee Rita Webb
Mrs Thompson Hilda Fenemore
Charles Salmon Roy Kinnear
Director Sidney J Furie
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Gala Film Dists Ltd