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  • Mike Hodges (1998)
  • Fr / Ger / UK
  • 90 min
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2 out of 5

As an account of double-dealing in a London casino, this is fascinating in its detail, but the improbable romantic backdrop given to the story by scriptwriter Paul Mayersberg does director Mike Hodges no favours. Clive Owen plays Jack, a trained croupier-turned-struggling writer who is prompted by his buccaneering father (Nicholas Ball) to return to the tables. His store-detective girlfriend (Gina McKee) is less than impressed, but casino life gives Jack's creativity the impetus it needs and he meets other people who are more interested in his dealing abilities. Owen's poker-faced acting doesn't involve us, while the story strands never properly intertwine. Since Get Carter, Hodges hasn't found his niche, though there are moments here that prove he's still a film-maker to be reckoned with.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Clive Owen, Alex Kingston and Kate Hardie. Struggling to finish a novel and getting deep in debt, aspiring writer Jack Manfred takes a job at a London casino. But, although the move provides Jack with some much needed cash and material for a new book, his position is compromised when he encounters the seductive Jani de Villiers.

Cast and crew


Jack Manfred
Clive Owen
Jani de Villiers
Alex Kingston
Kate Hardie
Jack Manfred Sr
Nicholas Ball
Marion Neil
Gina McKee
Giles Cremorne
Nick Reding
David Reynolds
Alexander Morton
Car dealer
Barnaby Kay
John Radcliffe
Sheila Whitfield
Casino supervisor
David Hamilton


Mike Hodges

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Theatrical distributor: 
Film Four
Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Released 1 Jun 2001
Certificate 15