Raj Kapoor (1964)

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This sprawling tale of star-crossed love and heroic sacrifice was its director/star Raj Kapoor's first colour film and is one of the earliest Bollywood pictures to utilise European locations. It has a decidedly homoerotic tone as Kapoor and his socially superior buddy, Rajendra Kumar, become involved in a tug-of-war for the affections of Vyjayanthimala, though she is the one finding it difficult to pierce their long-standing exclusivity. Surprisingly suggestive in its approach to sex, yet also subtly insistent in its avowal that women get a raw deal in Indian society, this tragic melodrama also has more than its share of memorable musical routines.


A man from a poor family becomes an air force pilot to win the approval of the woman he loves and her family. When he returns home a hero, she agrees to marry him, but during their honeymoon, he finds a letter that drives him to question her faithfulness. Romantic musical, directed by and starring Raj Kapoor. With Vyjayanthimala.

Cast & Crew

Sunder Raj Kapoor
Gopal Rajendra Kumar
Radha Vyjayanthimala
TBC Lalita Pawar
TBC Achala Sachdev
TBC Iftekhar
TBC Nana Palsikar
TBC Raj Mehra
Director Raj Kapoor
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Language: Hindi +subtitlesColourAvailable on: video