Douglas Sirk (1949)

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A deliciously tense film noir in which parole officer Cornel Wilde is drawn into the tangled past of ex-convict Patricia Knight. Shockproof comes from a period in the late 1940s when directors such as Douglas Sirk were honing and refining movies edited with exquisite timing and redolent of shadows and whispered asides. Unfortunately here, Sirk's initial pace and stylishness run out of steam, and the dénouement can only be described as a cop-out. However, although the final destination is a disappointment, you can still sit and luxuriate in the journey.


A probation officer falls in love with a convicted murderess on parole, and the pair begin a relationship. However, the appearance of the gambler responsible for landing her in prison throws a spanner in the works. Crime thriller, starring Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight and John Baragrey.

Cast & Crew

Griff Marat Cornel Wilde
Jenny Marsh Patricia Knight
Harry Wesson John Baragrey
Mrs Marat Esther Minciotti
Sam Brooks Howard St John
Frederick Bauer Russell Collins
Tommy Marat Charles Bates
Director Douglas Sirk
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd