Sheriff of Sage Valley

Sheriff of Sage Valley

Sam Newfield (1942)

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Buster Crabbe was an Olympic swimmer who in swift succession played hero figures Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in series and serials throughout the 1930s that are still recalled with affectionate nostalgia today. But Crabbe was no actor, and he soon became a leading man in B-westerns, of which this is a typical example, playing either a very fictional Billy the Kid, or Billy Carson as he became known. The star made 48 in all, 31 in this series of rather skimpy-on-plot but action-packed programme fillers for poverty row producers PRC. The director of this cheapie, Sherman Scott, is actually Samuel Neufeld, who thought it best to change his name in 1942 to Sam Newfield.


The notorious outlaw flees from the authorities to Sage Valley, where he turns his hand to law enforcement. Western, starring Buster Crabbe, Al St John, Dave O'Brien and Maxine Leslie.

Cast & Crew

Billy the Kid/Kansas Ed Bonney Buster Crabbe
Fuzzy Al St John
Jeff Dave O'Brien
Janet Morley Maxine Leslie
Director Sam Newfield

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Equity British Films Ltd