Les Mayfield (1997)

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Continuing Hollywood's obsession with souping-up the hit comedies of the past with today's sophisticated special effects, this is a smart update of 1961's The Absent-Minded Professor. Robin Williams plays Philip Brainard, a scientist who becomes so immersed in creating a new energy source that he once again misses his own wedding. But this time he has an excuse, if only his long-suffering fiancée will listen, because he has invented Flubber - a substance like rubber that generates its own energy, wreaking havoc everywhere it goes. In fact, it gives inanimate objects a life of their own, resulting in Home Alone-style attacks on baddies by everything from toy robots to bowling balls. Kids will lap it up.



Cast & Crew

Professor Philip Brainard Robin Williams
Sara Jean Reynolds Marcia Gay Harden
Wilson Croft Christopher McDonald
Chester Hoenicker Raymond J Barry
Smith Clancy Brown
Wesson Ted Levine
Bennett Hoenicker Wil Wheaton
Martha George Edie McClurg
Director Les Mayfield
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena Vista International UKAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama Children's