Hansel and Gretel

  • 15
  • Yim Phil-sung (2007)
  • S Kor (SUB)
  • 116 min
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3 out of 5

Korean horror meets the Grimm brothers in this twisted modern take on the classic fairy tale. A young man (Chun Jeong-myeoung) is plunged into a faintly unreal world following a car accident that leaves him bewildered and lost in a forest until he's guided to "The Home of Happy Children" by a little girl in a red cape. Taken in by the child's parents and her brother and sister, everything seems hunky dory until an increasingly puzzled Chun is subsequently unable to find his way out of the wood and back to his pregnant girlfriend. This is creepy, unnerving horror rather than a gore-fest, but a sense of foreboding remains throughout, until the darkly disturbing truth behind the children's idyllic existence is revealed (and how it ties in with the old fairy tale).

Plot Summary

Horror fantasy. A man stranded in a forest is rescued by a girl in a red cape. She takes him to meet her family at the House of Happy Children, which smiling faces hide a twisted truth.

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Yim Phil-sung

Other Information

Korean +subtitles
Contains violence.
Available on DVD
Released 16 Jan 2009
Certificate 15