It's All about Love

It's All about Love

Thomas Vinterberg (2002)

15 Certificate


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Danish director Thomas Vinterberg turns his back on the stripped-down realism of Dogme 95 for his first English-language feature. The polar opposite of its predecessor, Festen, this film is a lavishly created sci-fi love story that plays like a surreal fairy tale. Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes make handsome leads as a young married couple who decide to split after spending several years apart. But when Phoenix pays a flying visit to New York so that ice-skating superstar Danes can sign their divorce papers, he realises that his wife's celebrity lifestyle is not what it seems. Given the tale's ultimate rejection of superficiality and deceit, it's ironic that Vinterberg has crafted a picture that's entirely governed by outward appearance. Stylistically it looks gorgeous, but this cool sophistication comes at the expense of coherent plot development. With its strangely detached performances and baffling conclusion, the movie is just too weird to really work. Yet despite the apparent pretentiousness, it's still an intriguing curio.


A man living in a strange future world gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to meet his estranged wife and sort out their divorce once and for all. It's not long before he realises something mysterious is afoot, plunging them both into peril. Sci-fi romance, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes, Douglas Henshall and Sean Penn.

Cast & Crew

John Joaquin Phoenix
Elena Claire Danes
Michael Douglas Henshall
David Alun Armstrong
Betsy Margo Martindale
Arthur Mark Strong
Mr Morrison Geoffrey Hutchings
Marciello Sean Penn
George Harry Ditson
Director Thomas Vinterberg
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: PathéGuidance: Contains swearing.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 13 Feb 2004