Suicide Battalion

Suicide Battalion

Edward L Cahn (1958)

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This static Second World War action adventure was directed by Edward L Cahn, who managed to churn out roughly ten similarly uninspired films a year during this period. Not that the executives at AIP cared particularly about quality: this was drive-in fodder, made to support a horror or beach party flick and featuring actors who would appeal to the teenage market. Here, Michael Connors, who would make his name as TV's Mannix, and John Ashley, who did some of his best work for AIP in low-budget movies such as this and Hot Rod Gang, break into a captured American base to destroy some secret papers. For fans only.


A group of American soldiers is sent on a mission to the Philippines to destroy important documents before they fall into the hands of the Japanese enemy. Second World War adventure, starring Mike Connors, John Ashley and Jewell Lain.

Cast & Crew

Major Matt McCormack Mike Connors
Tommy Novello John Ashley
Elizabeth Ann Mason Jewell Lian
Harry Donovan Russ Bender
Lt Chet Hall Bing Russell
Wally Skilzowski Scott Peters
Marty Green Walter Maslow
Colonel Craig John McNamara
Colonel Hiosho Clifford Kawada
Bill Bob Tetrick
Director Edward L Cahn
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo Amalgamated