Better Things

Better Things

Duane Hopkins (2007)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Writer/director Duane Hopkins's first feature is a compelling and highly credible insight into the deterioration of life in rural Britain. Making evocative use of his Cotswold locations, he creates a multi-stranded narrative that powerfully captures the genuine sense of isolation and torpor felt by the community, from young heroin addicts to a dying grandmother. This is only undermined by a failure to connect the juvenile and geriatric characters, and the guilt, envy, fear and despair they share. But for all the desolation of the landscape and the oppressiveness of the silences, there are moments of optimism here, as pulp romance-reading Rachel McIntyre conquers her agoraphobia, ailing Frank Bench confronts his wife over a long-held resentment, and Che Corr emerges from the shadow of self-destructive slacker Liam McIlfatrick to seize his best chance of a worthwhile future. Hopkins uses a predominantly non-professional cast and their performances match the sullen naturalism of Lol Crawley's cinematography and Douglas MacDougall's disconcerting sound design, making this an impressive debut.


The residents of a small Cotswolds town lead troubled lives, including a recently hospitalised woman trying to connect with her reclusive sister, a couple whose marriage is falling apart and a bereaved man turning to drugs to cope with his loss. Drama, starring Patricia Loveland, Rachel McIntyre and Liam McIlfatrick.

Cast & Crew

Rob Liam McIlfatrick
David Che Corr
Sarah Tara Ballard
Rachel Megan Palmer
Larry Kurt Taylor
Gail Wilson Rachel McIntyre
Nan Wilson Patricia Loveland
Mr Gladwin Frank Bench
Jon Freddie Cunliffe
Mike Michael Socha
Director Duane Hopkins
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Soda PicturesGuidance: Swearing, drug abuse.Available on: DVDReleased on: 23 Jan 2009