Confession of a Child of the Century

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  • Sylvie Verheyde (2011)
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  • 115 min
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1 out of 5

Rock singer and tabloid favourite Pete Doherty is wildly miscast in this 1830s-set drama, which is as dull and cumbersome as its title. Doherty plays Octave, a well-to-do young Parisian who sinks into debauchery and despair when he finds his mistress (Lily Cole) with another man. Later, following the death of his father, Octave retires to the country, where he falls for the widowed, slightly older Brigitte (Charlotte Gainsbourg). But both are wary of love, expecting only disappointment and betrayal. Doherty looks the part (hairstyle aside), but he can't act for toffee, while the film strives too hard to be deep and meaningful. It's also underpowered, underlit and hampered by a script that has been translated from French. The costumes and sets are handsome, but in every other department, this is a bit of a mess.

Cast and crew


Charlotte Gainsbourg
Pete Doherty
Lily Cole
August Diehl
Henri Smith
Volker Bruch


Sylvie Verheyde

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Theatrical distributor: 
Soda Pictures
Available on DVD
Released 7 Dec 2012

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