Stealing Paradise

  • Tristan Dubois (2011)
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  • 100 min
Stealing Paradise
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2 out of 5

Poor casting and a dull script make for an ineffectual thriller, as aggrieved aeronautical engineer Rachael Leigh Cook is accused of murdering the stereotypically sneaky colleague who stole her breakthrough design. Fortunately for the real culprit, her desperate-to-demonstrate-her-worth character behaves so foolishly that she almost frames herself, leading to dry legal scenes that threaten to obliterate the movie's limited energy levels. When events pick up pace away from the courtroom, they're as unconvincing as Cook's performance, with supposed twists intended to boost the plot proving both weak and predictable.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Rachael Leigh Cook as an engineer who finds herself accused of murder when the person who stole one of her designs turns up dead.

Cast and crew


Amanda Collier
Rachael Leigh Cook
Steven Collier
Graham Abbey
Det Maureen Usher
Paula Jean Hixson
Det Mike Sanders
Neil Napier
Kevin Maknassy
Jonathan Higgins
Neil Burrows
Steve Belford
Graham Ainsworth
Shawn Campbell
Elise Shayne
Tammy Gillis


Tristan Dubois

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