The Circuit

  • Peter Werner (2008)
  • Can / US
  • 88 min
The Circuit
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2 out of 5

This so-so TV movie stars Gossip Girl's Michelle Trachtenberg as Kylie Shines, a stock car driver on the verge of becoming the next big thing. When she's offered the chance to compete with the pros, she jumps at it, but lands directly in the path of her estranged father, who is a legend of the sport. Old resentments resurface, threatening to put Kylie off course, but she finds other distraction in the shape of a hotshot young driver. Veering between earnest and brash, this drama just never finds the right tone.

Plot Summary

Action drama starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Bill Campbell and Drew Fuller. The resentment felt by a young woman towards her estranged father spills onto the race track when they end up competing head to head.

Cast and crew


Kylie Shines
Michelle Trachtenberg
Al Shines
Billy Campbell
Kid Walker
Drew Fuller
Robin Cates
Paul Rae
Jake Milley
Tommy Lioutas
Andy "Crash" Davis
Maurice Dean Wint
Young Kylie
Dominique D'Arnell
Susan Shines
Anne Marie Cassidy


Peter Werner

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