Andrew V McLaglen (1970)

U Certificate


Our Score
This John Wayne movie, handsomely photographed by western veteran William H Clothier, uses a fictional variation on the Lincoln County cattle war to tell the tale of the man who first hired Billy the Kid. The Duke is well served by director Andrew V McLaglen, Forrest Tucker makes an imposing villain and the Dominic Frontiere score is above average. A fine supporting cast of home-on-the-range hombres that includes Ben Johnson, Bruce Cabot and Richard Jaeckel - faces that should lend credibility to any western - will help take your mind off the rambling plot. However, laziness is beginning to cramp Big John's style: he would soon sleepwalk his way through a mediocre but lucrative series of widescreen examples of the genre.


Finding no recourse in the law, powerful cattle rancher John Chisum takes all-out war to a predatory land baron, who has muscled in on local businesses and taken them over. He joins forces with fellow rancher Henry Tunstall, a father figure to Billy the Kid - a young tearaway whose involvement threatens to blow the conflict county-wide. Western, starring John Wayne and Forrest Tucker.

Cast & Crew

John Chisum John Wayne
Lawrence Murphy Forrest Tucker
Dan Nodeen Christopher George
James Pepper Ben Johnson (1)
Pat Garrett Glenn Corbett
Sheriff Brady Bruce Cabot
Alex McSween Andrew Prine
JH Tunstall Patric Knowles
Jess Evans Richard Jaeckel
Sue McSween Lynda Day George
Billy "The Kid" Bonney Geoffrey Deuel
Patton John Agar
Baker John Mitchum
O'Folliard Christopher Mitchum
Director Andrew V McLaglen
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Pathe LtdGuidance: Edited for language and violence. Available on: video and DVD