Arizona Bushwhackers

Arizona Bushwhackers

Lesley Selander (1968)

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Producer AC Lyles's series of plodding westerns stuffed with veteran stars was looking as tired as its principal players when this entry hobbled into release. Lyles coaxed James Cagney out of retirement to provide the narration and the film also introduced Roy Rogers Jr in a small supporting role (as Roy). Otherwise, there's little pleasure now in seeing Howard Keel, Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland, Marilyn Maxwell, Brian Donlevy and James Craig struggle through the convoluted plot about gunrunning in Arizona during the Civil War under the anonymous direction of B-movie-maker Lesley Selander.


A Confederate prisoner of war is offered his freedom in return for becoming the sheriff of a lawless Union-controlled town. He plans to use the assignment as cover to smuggle weapons to the Southern forces, but ends up defending his territory from a corrupt saloon owner and the Apaches he has been arming. Western, starring Howard Keel and Yvonne De Carlo.

Cast & Crew

Lee Travis Howard Keel
Jill Wyler Yvonne De Carlo
Dan Shelby John Ireland
Molly Marilyn Maxwell
Tom Rile Scott Brady
Major Smith Brian Donlevy
Sheriff Grover Barton MacLane
Ike Clanton James Craig
Roy Roy Rogers Jr
Narrator James Cagney
Director Lesley Selander
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Language: EnglishColour