Comanche Station

Comanche Station

Budd Boetticher (1960)

U Certificate


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Sadly underrated on its original release, this final film in the series of Ranown westerns from director Budd Boetticher and co-producer/star Randolph Scott is a fine meditation on ageing. It's a companion piece thematically to The Searchers with Scott rescuing a rancher's wife who has been kidnapped by Comanches. But this is arguably bleaker and more realistic than John Ford's film, and strips the genre to its bare essentials. Supporting the craggy Scott is the well-cast Claude Akins as a flamboyant bounty hunter, and their final confrontation is especially effective. Particularly notable is Burt Kennedy's screenplay, which utilises the western's emotive iconography brilliantly: the Scott character is called Cody, while the journey is to Lordsburg - also the destination of the travellers in Stagecoach.


A cowboy recruits a trio of outlaws to rescue a woman held captive at a Comanche camp and reunite her with her husband in return for a large reward. However, his partners decide the bounty should be split three ways rather than four and plan to double-cross him. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Nancy Gates, Claude Akins and Skip Homeier.

Cast & Crew

Jefferson Cody Randolph Scott
Mrs Lowe Nancy Gates
Ben Lane Claude Akins
Frank Skip Homeier
Dobie Richard Rust
Station man Rand Brooks
Mr Lowe Dyke Johnson
Comanche lance bearer Foster Hood
Comanche chief Joe Molina
Warrior Vincent St Cyr
Boy P Holland
Director Budd Boetticher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: video