The Honeymooners

  • PG
  • John Schultz (2005)
  • US
  • 85 min
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1 out of 5

What prompted the film-makers to update the classic 1950s American sitcom as an African-American comedy we will never know, but the result is a desperately feeble movie. In the part made famous by Jackie Gleason, Cedric the Entertainer plays bus driver Ralph, who, along with his sewer-worker buddy Ed (Mike Epps), is constantly on the lookout for the perfect get-rich-quick scheme. The plans always come to nothing, much to exasperation of their long-suffering spouses Alice and Trixie (Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall). The plot features an old comedy stand-by: when their dream house comes up for sale, Cedric has to raise money for the deposit before Eric Stoltz, a greedy developer, gets his hands on the property. Featuring a very poor script, unimaginative performances and uninspiring direction, this is tedious in the extreme, fatally not drawing on any aspect of the memorable original, save for the names of the characters. Avoid and rent the TV show.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps. Ambitious bus driver Ralph and his best friend Ed are determined to make it big, much to the dismay of their long-suffering spouses. And when Ralph's dream house is put up for sale, he has to raise the deposit quickly before greedy developer William Davis gets his hands on the property.

Cast and crew


Ralph Kramden
Cedric the Entertainer
Ed Norton
Mike Epps
Alice Kramden
Gabrielle Union
Trixie Norton
Regina Hall
William Davis
Eric Stoltz
Jon Polito
John Leguizamo
Alice's mom
Carol Woods
Ajay Naidu
DJ Suckaslam
Arnell Powell
Miss Benvenuti
Anne Pitoniak


John Schultz

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Edited for language.
Available on DVD
Released 2 Sep 2005
Certificate PG
Paramount Home Entertainment (UK)