The Matador

  • 15
  • Richard Shepard (2005)
  • US / Ger / Ire
  • 93 min
The Matador
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3 out of 5

Pierce Brosnan leaves the character of James Bond behind with this black comedy in which he plays a hitman undergoing a midlife crisis of conscience. Meeting Greg Kinnear's crestfallen businessman by chance in a Mexico City hotel bar, Brosnan takes solace in the everyday problems of this average Joe, and an odd friendship soon develops. This rather risky relationship proves of mutual benefit, though it takes a reluctant Kinnear quite some time to realise it - particularly when a burnt-out Brosnan turns up on his suburban doorstep. Brosnan overplays his part, while Greg Kinnear underplays his, but Hope Davis (American Splendor) strikes the right balance as Kinnear's slightly wacky wife. The film could perhaps have been a little sharper (one more rewrite wouldn't have gone amiss), but it's entertaining stuff, and Brosnan blatantly derives much pleasure from sending up his most famous role.

Plot Summary

Black comedy drama starring Pierce Brosnan as a has-been hitman having a crisis of conscience. After he meets businessman Danny Wright (Greg Kinnear) in a Mexican bar, the pair develop an unlikely friendship, though it's soon put to the test when the burnt-out assassin turns up at Danny's door needing help.

Cast and crew


Julian Noble
Pierce Brosnan
Danny Wright
Greg Kinnear
Carolyn "Bean" Wright
Hope Davis
Mr Randy
Philip Baker Hall
Dylan Baker
Phil Garrison
Adam Scott
Portia Dawson
Mr Stick
William Raymond
Radio DJ
Arlin Miller
Ten-year-old boy
Jonah Meyerson


Richard Shepard

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Buena Vista
Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes.
Available on DVD
Released 3 Mar 2006
Certificate 15