Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Jez Butterworth (2001)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Primarily worth seeing for Nicole Kidman's downbeat and brave performance as a Russian mail-order bride, this blackly comic film suffers from a genre identity crisis. Ben Chaplin plays the suburban bank clerk (with chronic side-parting) who summons Kidman to England via the internet. But once she's ensconced in his home, Chaplin is disappointed with her lack of English and grunge style, although he soon forgives her when she compensates for her lack of conversation with action in the bedroom. As love arrives for Chaplin, so do two men claiming to be Kidman's relatives and within seconds all he holds dear is in danger. In the end, this well-meaning film is not quite funny enough to succeed as a romantic comedy, nor hard enough to tread Neil LaBute territory.


A staid and lonely Englishman orders a Russian bride over the Internet, who turns out to be the sultry, sex-crazed woman of his dreams. However, events take a sinister turn when her relatives arrive, drawing him into a web of international intrigue. Comedy thriller, starring Nicole Kidman, Ben Chaplin, Mathieu Kassovitz and Vincent Cassel.

Cast & Crew

Sophia / "Nadia" Nicole Kidman
John Buckingham Ben Chaplin
Alexei Vincent Cassel
Yuri Mathieu Kassovitz
Clare Kate Evans
Bank manager Stephen Mangan
Robert Moseley Alexander Armstrong
Karen Sally Phillips
Waitress Jo McInnes
Tim Mark Gatiss
Duty sergeant Steve Pemberton
Porter Reece Shearsmith
Director Jez Butterworth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Film FourGuidance: Some violence, swearing, sex scenes and.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 28 Jun 2002
Drama Comedy