Savage Grace

Savage Grace

Tom Kalin (2007)

15 Certificate


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This belated second feature from Swoon director Tom Kalin is another lurid true story of the rich and deeply dysfunctional. At its core is the unnaturally close and ultimately tragic relationship between brittle American socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland (an impressive Julianne Moore) and her louche son Tony (played as an adult by a well-cast Eddie Redmayne). Beginning in New York in 1946, the film is narrated by Tony and charts the story of his mother's miserable marriage to plastics heir Brooks Baekeland (Stephen Dillane) over the next two decades. There's barely a let-up in the procession of social and sexual humiliations that haunts these three unhappy figures, as the tone veers between black comedy, melodrama and moments of genuine pathos. But, in the end, it is Moore's performance as the chronically insecure Barbara that anchors this fascinating yet sometimes frustratingly superficial story - bravely conveying the deep unhappiness beneath the glittering surface.


The true story of Barbara Daly, whose desire to mingle in the highest social circles led her to marry into the Bakelite dynasty. She gave birth to son Anthony but as he grew up and it became apparent he was homosexual, his mother took a personal interest in `curing' him - with tragic consequences. Drama, starring Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Dillane.

Cast & Crew

Barbara Baekeland Julianne Moore
Brooks Baekeland Stephen Dillane
Tony Baekeland Eddie Redmayne
Sam Green Hugh Dancy
Nini Daly Anne Reid
Blanca Elena Anaya
Tony as a child Barney Clark
Director Tom Kalin
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Other Information

Language: English, French, Spanish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Revolver EntertainmentGuidance: Violence, swearing, drug abuse, a sex scene, nudityAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 11 Jul 2008