Reuniting the Rubins

  • PG
  • Yoav Factor (2010)
  • UK
  • 98 min
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2 out of 5

First-time director Yoav Factor strives for a rollicking Jewish comedy here, with some push-button topics tossed in for good measure, but merely produces a mediocre sitcom with too many preachy subplots. However, he is well served by Timothy Spall as the retired lawyer who postpones a well-deserved luxury cruise to reunite his bickering children for ailing grandma Honor Blackman. Workaholic executive James Callis, eco-warrior Rhona Mitra, Buddhist monk Asier Newman and rabbi Hugh O'Conor answer the call with considerable reluctance, especially when Blackman reveals that she has bought the home in which they spent their unhappy childhood. A series of heart-to-hearts and medical emergencies eventually bring everyone together, although not before such issues as globalisation, human rights, religious intolerance and family ties are given an overblown airing. Yet, for all its sentimentality, this is at least amiably amusing.

Plot Summary

Comedy drama starring Timothy Spall. At the request of his ageing mother, Lenny Rubins sets about bringing together his warring children for one last family celebration. But can a monk, a rabbi, an eco-warrior and a ruthless businessman put aside their differences to fulfil their gran's final wish?

Cast and crew


Lenny Rubins
Timothy Spall
Andie Rubins
Rhona Mitra
Danny Rubins
James Callis
Gran Rubins
Honor Blackman
Blake Harrison
Yona Rubins
Hugh O'Conor
Clarity Rubins
Asier Newman
Jake Rubins
Theo Stevenson


Yoav Factor

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Released 21 Oct 2011