Terence Young (1956)

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Dr No director Terence Young was in charge of this marvellously batty African romp from Warwick Films, which was photographed, to its credit, on genuine locations and in CinemaScope. There's a real sense of the terror of the Mau Maus - Simba and Something of Value were the only other mainstream features to deal with this subject. Victor Mature plays the hero and Janet Leigh is at her most beguiling, whether terrorised by snakes or taking a bath in the jungle, or both. Young was very good at this sort of thing, and it shows. Watch in the spirit the film-makers intended!


Wealthy eccentric Sir Vincent Brampton arrives in Nairobi intent on hunting a legendary man-eating lion, and employs the services of disgraced big-game hunter Ken Duffield, who decides to use the expedition as an opportunity to settle an old score with the ruthless Kenyan terrorist who murdered his son. Adventure set during the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya, starring Victor Mature, Roland Culver and Earl Cameron.

Cast & Crew

Ken Duffield Victor Mature
Linda Latham Janet Leigh
Brian Sinden John Justin
Sir Vincent Brampton Roland Culver
Jerusalem Orlando Martins
Odongo Juma
Roy Shaw Liam Redmond
Jeroge Earl Cameron
Director Terence Young
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Liberty Films Ltd