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  • Mark Sandrich (1938)
  • US
  • 79 min
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2 out of 5

It may be one of the weakest of the Astaire/Rogers features, but there's still plenty to enjoy in this rather silly comedy musical. Fred looks uneasy as a psychiatrist trying to find a cure for best pal Ralph Bellamy's dippy, wedding-shy fiancée (played by Ginger), and she looks positively mortified at having to endure the hypnotic mischief sequences. As far as the songs go, The Yam is a far cry from The Continental, but Change Partners is pleasing and the dream dance I Used to Be Colour Blind is suitably surreal. The highlight, however, is Fred's exquisite golfing routine to the title song.

Plot Summary

Musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Lawyer Stephen Arden is worried because his fiancée Amanda Cooper keeps postponing their wedding day. So he arranges an appointment for her to see his best friend, Tony Flagg, a brilliant psychiatrist.

Cast and crew


Tony Flagg
Fred Astaire
Amanda Cooper
Ginger Rogers
Stephen Arden
Ralph Bellamy
Aunt Cora
Luella Gear
Jack Carson
Dr Powers
Walter Kingsford
Miss Adams
Kay Sutton
Judge Travers
Clarence Kolb
Roland Hunter
Franklin Pangborn


Mark Sandrich

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Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Radio Pictures Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U