Open Season 3

Open Season 3

Cody Cameron (2010)

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Saturday 3:25pm - 4:55pm 5STAR


Our Score
Boog the bear and best mate Elliot the deer learn yet more lessons about friendship and loyalty in this tired and unnecessary cash-in from the co-director of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Thin is putting it mildly, as weak scripting and blocky, low-quality animation suck most of the fun out of the irreverent franchise, that here has an aggrieved Boog switching places with a look-alike circus grizzly after feeling let down by his forest pals. Instead of subsequently exploiting the colour and energy of the Big Top and its animal performers, à la Madagascar 3, the flimsy story focuses too heavily on Boog's dull courtship of an ursine cutie, leaving young viewers with little to keep them engaged. The humour is particularly flat and reliant on repetitive sight gags, while largely unfunny banter and poor voice work render both old and new characters charmless and often annoying.


Boog the bear visits a Russian travelling circus, where he meets another bear named Doug who is his exact double. Doug suggests they swap places for the day, but when the time comes to go back to their old lives, Doug is nowhere to be found, leaving Boog trapped. Animated adventure, with the voices of Matthew J Munn and Matthew W Taylor.

Cast & Crew

Boog / Doug Matthew J Munn
Ian / Reilly / Buddy / Deni / Elliot Matt Taylor
Giselle / Ursa Melissa Sturm
Gisela Karley Scott Collins
McSquizzy André Sogliuzzo
Mr Weenie / Nate / Distinctive Dog Cody Cameron
Rosie Nika Futterman
Giselita Ciara Bravo
Elvis Harrison Fahn
Alistair Dana Snyder
Serge Danny Mann
Director Cody Cameron
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Children's