Burlesque Undressed

Burlesque Undressed

Alison Grist (2009)

15 Certificate


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British striptease sensation Immodesty Blaize lifts the veil on the noughties burlesque revival in writer/director Alison Grist's flimsy but playful documentary. Essentially a glossy promotional vehicle for Blaize's ultra-glamour-meets-high-camp art form, the canny cash-in combines a gossipy overview of the persistently fashionable scene with extensive performance footage focusing on her popular Tease Show. When retro-style saucepot Blaize isn't strutting her stuff on stage or sharing personal recollections, other hip-shaking stars, old and new, offer their own spirited reminiscences. Veteran vixen Satan's Angel is a particular highlight, divulging tales of fiery tassel-twirling and celebrity dates, including Clint Eastwood. Yet for all its titillating titbits and glitzy visuals, the film simply can't capture burlesque's electrifying atmosphere or fantasy-based appeal. Instead, Grist's attempts to dissect the subject actually take away its sparkle, scarcely doing justice to the talents featured, and making even Blaize's most elaborate routines feel rather flat and unerotic.


Documentary exploring the modern resurgence in popularity of burlesque in Britain. Immodesty Blaize introduces clips from her successful Tease Show as well as providing a glimpse behind the scenes of the production and discussing the influence of classic Hollywood icons on her work, while her fellow performers talk about the appeal of the art form.

Cast & Crew

Immodesty Blaize Immodesty Blaize
Kalani Kokonuts Kalani Kokonuts
Catherine D'Lish Catherine D'Lish
Lily Anne Rose Lily Anne Rose
Marc Almond Marc Almond
Peter Blake Peter Blake
Satan's Angel Satan's Angel
Director Alison Grist
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: More2Screen/EMIReleased on: 22 Jan 2010