40 Guns to Apache Pass

40 Guns to Apache Pass

William Witney (1966)

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Audie Murphy made his penultimate screen appearance in this low-budget western from B-movie specialist William Witney. Although it's briskly and efficiently made, it's never anything more than a routine cavalry adventure, with Murphy initially leading his bluecoats into brutal action against the warring Apache, only to discover that the tribe isn't his most pressing problem. Murphy may be the star, but the more interesting performances come from Kenneth Tobey (as the greedy corporal who sells rifles to the enemy) and Michael Keep, who manages to avoid the usual clichés in his portrayal of the legendary Cochise.


A cavalry captain sets out to deliver a shipment of rifles to a fort besieged by marauding Apaches, but the mission is undermined by a villainous corporal who plans to steal the weapons and sell them to the enemy. Western, starring Audie Murphy, Michael Burns, Laraine Stephens, Kenneth Tobey and Michael Keep.

Cast & Crew

Captain Coburn Audie Murphy
Doug Michael Burns
Corporal Bodine Kenneth Tobey
Ellen Laraine Stephens
Sergeant Walker Robert Brubaker
Mike Michael Blodgett
Cochise Michael Keep
Kate Malone Kay Stewart
Director William Witney
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