On Hostile Ground

On Hostile Ground

Mario Azzopardi (2000)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Few disaster movies are as devoid of inspiration as this sorry effort. We're used to earthquakes and volcanos destroying the movie landscape, but sinkholes? Yet that's what's troubling Louisiana geologist John Corbett as New Orleans prepares for Mardi Gras. The problem is that no one takes him seriously after he failed to predict a serious accident many years before. Moreover, girlfriend Jessica Steen only has marriage in mind, while her niece Brittany Daniel is solely concerned with partying. It's all crashingly predictable, with poor effects and even worse performances. However, following the real-life disaster that hit the city in the shape of Hurricane Katrina, this is hard to view as entertainment.


A geologist tries to prevent a huge sinkhole from swallowing New Orleans as the citizens prepare for Mardi Gras. He has a tough time convincing the festival-goers of the danger that threatens them, with many doubting his judgement because he failed to predict a serious event in the past. Action adventure, starring John Corbett, Jessica Steen, Brittany Daniel and Andrew Kraulis. Edited to reduce run time.

Cast & Crew

Matt Andrews John Corbett
Allison Beauchamp Jessica Steen
Cindy Evers Brittany Daniel
Dalton Andrew Kraulis
Regan Peter Stebbings
Remy Derwin Jordan
Mayor Lafitte Eugene Clark
Director Mario Azzopardi
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Language: EnglishColour