The Chamber

The Chamber

James Foley (1996)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Gene Hackman gives a sensational performance in this bleak, static potboiler based on the John Grisham bestseller, but his star presence is the only redeeming feature in a lacklustre saga from the Stephen King of legal thrillers. Hackman plays a Ku Klux Klansman convicted of racial murders and facing a gas-chamber execution in 28 days. Did he act alone when he planted the bomb that killed two Jewish children? That's for his duty-bound grandson Chris O'Donnell to ascertain when he grudgingly defends the white supremacist he hates because he blames him for his father's suicide. Director James Foley tries hard to make us care about these colourless characters and their plight, but time hangs heavy in this uninspired effort that's low on thrills, surprises and suspense.


An ambitious lawyer pulls out all the stops to win a reprieve for his white supremacist grandfather, a convicted killer languishing on death row for his part in a racist bombing in 1967 which claimed the lives of two Jewish children. Courtroom thriller based on a book by John Grisham, starring Gene Hackman, Chris O'Donnell and Faye Dunaway.

Cast & Crew

Adam Hall Chris O'Donnell
Sam Cayhall Gene Hackman
Lee Bowen Faye Dunaway
E Garner Goodman Robert Prosky
Rollie Wedge Raymond J Barry
Sergeant Packer Bo Jackson
Nora Stark Lela Rochon
Governor McAllister David Marshall Grant
Judge Slattery Nicholas Pryor
Phelps Bowen Josef Sommer
Director James Foley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: May be edited for language and violence. Available on: video and DVD